Lexus ES | The Ad That Reacts to You

Using facial emotion recognition tech and AI we create an interactive ad that reacts to how you feel as you watch it.

When your expression changed, the AI instantly changed the film to match your mood, which in turn would affect your impression of the film and so on. In total there were more than 3000 combinations of different acting, pace, colour grade, imagery and sound track...

...which meant that each viewer most likely experienced a unique and exclusive version of the ad.
And at the end of the film we gave them the chance to see their ‘emotional journey’ and share their version of the film on social media. 

And we used 30” and 15” edits in multiple media channels, including TV, as teasers to drive people to the online experience.

Agency: The&Partnership | ECD: Andre Moreira | CD: Fabio Abram | Creatives: Braulio Kuwabara and Robert Cervera | Director: Adi